About Us

With a vision to evolve into a ‘complete lighting solutions’ enterprise, The Lantern was established in 1998 and since its inception, it has successfully diversified into various lightning verticals like commercial, conventional and decorative lights offering a wide range of superior quality products, unique designs, consultancy and installation. With over 18 years of rich experience in revolutionizing lighting, we understand how lighting positively affects people and it enables us to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to our customers. The company was started with the collective efforts of Mr. Sandeep Jain (B.E.) and his wife Mrs. Sangeeta Jain (MBA), Together they make a dynamic duo to lead the company amazingly with their rich experience spanning over 18 years.

To accentuate the ambience by combining the artistry of each piece with leading-edge innovation, the expert team of Lantern design exquisite lighting solutions that offer intonations & colour change according to the state of mind & emotions. The innovative approach at each stage of designing & developing guarantees value addition & transforms a simple entry into grand welcome. The top-level management of the team takes care of new-fangled trends, technologies & clients’ demands and offers more than the expectations- the secret behind our seamless growth and flawless services.

Ceiling, table or wall bejewelled with Lantern lightings showcases elegant & inimitable craftsmanship that stands the tests of trend, time & technology.

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Beyond the concept of illuminating the living and workspace, see how our artistic luminaries are emblazoning the moods & lives. 

World-class Quality

Each element of designs in our collection is meticulously crafted, refined with the latest technologies and tested & retested at different stages of quality.

Stylish Blend of Forms and Functions

We beautifully blend the contemporary forms with new-age global technologies to invent an exquisite range. 

Where Artistry meets Inventions

An expert team of our inventors craves for the integration of the latest innovation with the enticing and never-created designs discovered by our designers. 

Interior Designing & Customer Care Services

Our services start with an interior designer role to suggest the best for your place, continue with serving you the best & customizable.