Kitchen is the heart of the home and kitchen lighting decides how you feel and work in that.

Besides, bringing adequate lighting to ease accessibility while preparing & cooking food that enhances safety & quality, kitchen lighting is more than just function. Suitable and modern lighting can make your kitchen more welcoming and look more spacious and thereby enhancing your cooking mood & style.

You can get creative with your kitchen by playing with different types of lightings like Ambient Lighting for the overhead illumination, Accent Lighting to accentuate the architectural & decor specifications and Task Lighting to highlight the sinks, countertops & other workspaces. Ambient Lighting includes chandeliers, lanterns, recessed lights, flush & semi-flush-mounts. Pendant lights, table & floor lamps, Under-cabinet lights and LED tape come under the category of Task Lighting. Accent Lighting encompasses everything from built-in cove lighting to interior lighting of the kitchen cabinet.

By approaching a layered approach while designing your dream kitchen, you can ensure the presence of light all over the kitchen while averting the shadows and glares which are effectuated when we use only one type of lighting.

At the same time, Natural light plays no small role in designing the lighting plan for the kitchen. Addition of a window to the kitchen or glass pan to a door are options to welcome natural light while exalting the kitchen’s appearance and aesthetic.

Range of Lantern let your Style Shine

Among the wide variety of design styles, finishes and colours, you can choose the light and light fixtures according to your personal design preferences to form the most livable & harmonious space.

The Lantern’s top-quality lighting & lighting fixtures transform your average space into a designer kitchen- Investment worth made.